DU - Wait For Document Validation Action and Resume - NullRefException

Wait For Document Validation Action and Resume activity was working on an Orchestration Process, started throwing NullReferenceException recently.

All the input variables are set with values, output variables been assigned.

All packages are up to date:

I’m working on the same subject at this moment. Just ran it after I saw your post to make sure it didn’t break on my end as well. Seems to be fine thus far.


The package stack looks like this in my project. Maybe downgrading or upgrading some of a few might help point out which package is causing the problem.

Thanks for your response @AndyMenon, issue occurs once you resume the execution. I did try downgrading yesterday and broke a few other areas :volcano:

But apparently, the issue was with the Automatic Extraction Results variable. Here is what I have learned, might be useful for someone in the future:

  1. Extract using one of the available extractors and use the extraction results variable going forward
  2. Create Action and waiting for it to resume doesn’t work if there was no extraction done prior to it
  3. Use the same Extraction Result variable at Create Doc Action and Wait for validation action. Even though Auto Extraction Results is listed as an output property in the Wait and Resume activity, using the same variable helped.

Thanks to @Lahiru.Fernando for helping me troubleshoot this one! :clap:


Yeah! A Validation action must follow an Extraction attempt. But I always assumed this to be a granted and that is how it must be done.

But you points will definitely help others be wary of this fact. Glad that this has been resolved.



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