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I have one issue Please any one help me. I have Board names in Excel (1000 Boards), here i have to check whether that Excel board name is available in Desktop application Dropdown list.

Ex: In Excel i have below board names:

  • American Acad of Audiology
  • Amer Academy HIV Medicine
  • Connecticut State Bd of Speech Pathology
  • FL Board of Acupuncture

Here i have to check above board names are available in below Desktop Application Dropdown list

Please any one Help me.


Use Screen scraping to get all values from drop down list and split it based on new Line. It will give array of Strings.

Then compare both lists and check whether those values are there or not.

  1. Read all the drop-down values in to a Data Table. How to get the values please check the below post -
  1. Read your excel values into Data table using Read Range Activity.

  2. Compare both data tables to get matched and unmatched values. Refer below threads -

Karthik Byggari

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