Data table address and drop down list Match

Hi I having an issue to run select statement to get the data from data table.


assign address= “xx, BLOK A!, KERAMAT, KUALA KUBU BARU, 68000 AMPANG, SELANGOR”

i did create data table and insert above data to data table.

I have another drop down list from web and try to search specific info from above address

  1. from drop down list i have a list that contain specific info that i need to match with address above

Once It match I will get the value from drop down list and I will used the value from drop down list/click the “KUALA KUBU BARU”

I did try below command but cant get the value
I use looping method and find children
Need help on this.

dtoutputadd1.Select(String.Format("[Address] like ‘%{0}%’", Item))

Thank you


As you are proving the address in UPPER Case, may be that is not matching with the value in DropDown

You can try below to change it to exact case

You need to import System.Globalization in import

make your string to lower which is showing in 2nd step

Mark as solution if this helps


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I didt try to convert to uppercase but still no output data.
can you share the xaml file.

Thank you

Thank you


Check attached (21.8 KB)

Happy automation


Thank you very Much for your help

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