Dropdown in office365 send email

How to add a drop down menu option in the email body sent using Microsoft office365 Send mail activity.


We can add html like <SELECT> <OPTION selected>1<OPTION>2</SELECT> to mail body.
But how are you planning to have receiver use this?


Hi @MariaJosephina

You can use the Create HTML content activity to add a dropdown in the Email body while sending mail by using Microsoft office 365 Send mail activity. Add the Output of Create HTML content activity output in Mail body.

In the Send Email activity find the options to modify the mail body by html format in the properties.
Consider the below screenshot for more information.

Hope it helps!!

@mkankatala & @Yoichi
I cannot see these properties in Send mail activity of office 365.

Could you please check.
And when I am executing this activity, the mail I received looks like below.

Create all the html code in the create html content activity and save the output in variable.
Pass the output variable in the body of the mail


I guess you use Microsoft365 activities package. if you need to use it, can you try CreateHTMLContent as the following.


Try to use UseOutlook365 and SendEmail as the following.


I tried to add the same. Still not working.

And I am unable to use outlook activities. Hence using office365 activities.


Can you share content of txt variable?


@Yoichi But how are you planning to have receiver use this?

My answer for you question :
The User who receive the email can select any value in the drop down and reply back.


Can you try to add HTML code using code mode? (turn on </> button)

I suppose the selection won’t be kept in reply mail…


ok Noted.

Even after toggling code/visual mode <> , its not working


I just tried this using Office365 send mail. In conclusion, it depends on the email client : it was displayed correctly in Gmail, but not in the Desktop Outlook.
If you use Outlook, it might be better to use voting button, but unfortunately the activities package doesn’t seem to support it yet.


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ok noted. @Yoichi