Dropdown click on chrome extension (I use robo form to fill data in the fields)

I’m using Robo Form to fill the data into the fields but how can I click on chrome extension’s dropdown like Robo form > profile > file data and submit.

if we are using chrome browser and if the chrome extension is installed

then we can choose tthat element witth SELECT ITEM activity

Cheers @hasankhan

I have installed uipath chrome extension. but it doesn’t working on robo form chrome extension

can i have a view on that a screenshot if possible
Cheers @hasankhan

@hasankhan - please provide a screenshot as it’s not clear from explanation.

I need to click on this red highlighted mark from uipath

We can try with CLICK IMGAE activity
That would work for sure
Cheers @hasankhan

Thanks, @Palaniyappan but it only works on the first step like chrome extension, not on the second step like my profile name