Downloading issue

Hello Community ,
I have one real time scenario in my project i have one web application and i have to upload bulk files on application and and for bulk file uploading it takes 2 hour and once process is completed i have to download that file so my question is can we automate this? how bot will know at what time click on download ? please let me know can we automate this process?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Akash_Javalekar,

You can assign a datetime variable, which identifies 2 hours after from now.

After that we put a While activity, while will control the time. When the time later than 2 hours, process will continue to the download operations.

I put a delay in while, which delays 1 minute. If we dont put anything in while, it will be bad for our machine performance.

Check the screenshot please.


Hello @Akash_Javalekar

Once you upload the files successfully will you get any intimation or will it make any change in the application? If yes, you can use element exists and a loop to do this.

Else you can create 2 jobs one to upload the file and another one to download the file and need to schedule it based on the maximum uploading time.