Web automation: download from web upload file to Cloud Storage

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I am new to the UiPath, I need help to resolve a small issue. I have to download a few files and need to upload into another website. Is there any way to download(one website) and upload(another website) files one by one at a time (I mean by opening multiple windows at the same time)?

Please suggest any leads to automate this issue, Thanks in advance.

Sometimes when I automating two instances of the same application that I use dynamic selector for both and I switching between the application windows. The same way you can use for web browser.

Hey @Ping_Pong ,

Please find the recommended solution:-

Let’s say that there are total 15 files to be downloaded from website A. It takes approximately 30 seconds for each file to download. To upload each files it takes approximately 40 seconds. So even if you are thinking of doing a parallel operation of upload and download , the overall time consumption would be more or less same if you follow a sequential approach.

But what you can do is open parallel browser instances of the second website where you are uploading the files. This way the time reduction can be achieved.

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Like you are suggesting to open multiple tabs on a single window and then automate.

Hi @pikorpa
Thanks for the reply, I am automating the chrome browser but I can I switch between two windows