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I’ve got to build a process which downloads any attachments from an email (Outlook is installed on the dev machine so can use Get Outlook Message). I then need to check if there is a folder in given network location that is the same name of the attachment in question. If that’s the case then no action is needed (as it means a human has already done this). If that’s not the case, I need to create a folder named the same as the attachment and move/save the attachment in to that folder.

I’m a bit confused as to, do I download the attachment to an agreed folder and then crate the folder it should go in to and move it in to there (using move file) or can I just create the folder (using create folder) where the attachments needs to go and move it straight in to there?

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Hy @jordrowley,

There are a couple of activities to help you: You can use the ‘Path Exists’ Activity to check if the folder in question is already created, the input argument is the folder path and it returns a boolean.

In case you need the create a folder, use the ‘Create Directory’ Activity.

Is that it?


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Cool thank you. The name of the folder needs to be the name of the attachment. To get that, can I use the .attachments class and put the value in to an assign then in the create directory activity would be path be something like directorypath(from an asset value)\nameofattachment(from the assign described above)

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Hy @jordrowley , very glad I could help you :slight_smile:

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