Downloading All Files from S3 bucket not working while using invoke PowerShell

Hello All;

I am trying to download all files of my S3 bucket using invoke Powershell (“Import-Module AWSPowerShell; Get-S3Object -BucketName '”+ in_BucketName +“’ -KeyPrefix ‘’ | Read-S3Object -Folder '”+ in_DownloadFilePath+“'” ]

This command works in Windows Poweshell but fails in uipath. I am getting the following error message.

“Invoke Power Shell: Method not found: ‘Void Amazon.S3.Model.ListObjectsRequest.set_ExpectedBucketOwner(System.String)’.”

I am using the exactly same parameter set for both Windows PS and Uipath invoke activity.

I cannot use PowershellActivity or S3 Activities. Any and all help will be highly appreciated.

@Mohamed_Hassan1 you can use UiPath.AmazonWebServices.Activities.
CC: @andreioros

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@Mohamed_Hassan1 you can use the UiPath AWS activities:

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