Download an excel, read its range, filter date, copy them into another excel

Hello All,

I am hoping anyone can guide me through this.

I have now created a little robot that can download an excel file from a website and move this excel file to a smb share but I want to do more than this with UiPath.

Right now, I can perform below with Excel VBA but I want to try using UiPath a little more.

  1. Convert a few Columns from string to data (since all data in the download file are string)
  2. Filter date value in Column N, sort out the last 30 days and the next 30 days (Count from today)
  3. Copy Filtered data to my target excel file - sheet 1

First, I created an Excel process scope for all my excel activities and used “use excel file” to call out my source file, then I used Read Range to make my data into data table (named it as RS_Data) then use filter range to sort out the last 30 day and the next 30 days and named my filteddt as Filted_RS_Data and use write range to output data to my target file which stored in a smb share.

It somehow does not run; it shows no error, but my cursor is not moving, or no data was moving.

Thanks in advanced

Here is my filter value

Hello @Jack_Tsang
Did you get the empty output excel file?
Check the date format in the excel sheet by reading the range and print the specific column in the Log message or message box. Analysis the Date format and use the same format in the excel filter option.

Yes, not even the column header.

It is Because your filter does not match it.
The date format may vary from Excel to UiPath. Print the Date column and see the Date format. Based on it , you need to change in the filter option

If possible, Share some sample data excel sheet.

HI @Jack_Tsang

Can you debug and see in which activity/step it is taking time

If you have many data in the downloaded file the read range(Modern activity) you used will take more time to read

If read range takes time you can use Excel read range you can find that by enabling show classic in the filter of Activities panel

And regarding your filter value are you sure about the format you used?


Here is the excel that I generated from the web, i think the data are all strings.
(The original file would have around 2000+ rows.

The column that I would like to filter is Column N, how do I change it to readable format using UI Path (but I want to keep the hours:mins:sec)

RS_Status.xlsx (59.2 KB)