Does anybody know good way to close all Windows explorer?

Hi all expert,

I need to know how to close multiple explorer window with uipath.
My case, I have 2 or 3 Windows explorer(Win + E) is existing in desktop and I’d like to kill them all. Usually, I’m using command prompt to call taskkill /f but if I do that to explorer, it also kill windows desktop, because it also windows explorer.exe…

Does anybody have good idea to kill them?
Actually, I know a way using alt + f4 but it uncontrollable so I don’t want to use…

Thanks in advance,

Please try Kill Process activity and then pass ‘explorer’ as the process name
It will kill all explorer processes.

Hi @nadim.warsi

Actually i tried once, like taskkill /fi “windowname eq explorer” but it doesn’t work…
if you can, please once try your solution.


Here you go but it will close all explorer process

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Thanks @nadim.warsi, It work!!

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