Documents Classify


How uipath can calssify the documents with the help python?

Here my question bot needs the download mutiples pdf’s and Zips and python need to classify the documents with the help of uipath?
Whether is there any right approach !!! could you please help on this.

Venkatesh Cheeni

Hi @venkateshcheeni09 ,

There might possibly be a few repositories available as open source, we might be able to use that. If you have the python code already that does the Classification of documents, we will be able to integrate with Python as well using UiPath.Python.Activities Package.

For the downloading part, if it is to download from an application portal, UI Automation could be used to perform this.

Let us know your thoughts on the above.


I can able to see Python activities inside the studio but my question is whether Python can able to classify these documents are not.

For downloading part your answer will be helpful to me.

Can you please from your end whether Python can able to classify or not and could you please able to send me screeenshots.