Required Values Of AccountID And EnvelopeID For DocuSign Activities

What are the values for fields 'Account ID', 'Envelope ID' required for DocuSign activities? How can these values be retrieved?

Note that a developer account needs to be present on DocuSign ( If not present, create a developer account on DocuSign.

The DocuSign activities enable to automate interactions with the DocuSign application. Using the DocuSign eSignature API, this activities package gives UiPath Robot(s) the ability to execute functions and actions. Read the detailed information about the eSignature REST API .

Before the scope activity can be used to establish a connection, complete the steps outlined in the Setup guide. After completing the Setup steps, begin building the automation projects. To successfully establish a connection and send requests to the DocuSign API, the DocuSign Scope activity must complete authentication using the supported OAuth 2.0 authentication.

For authentication, DocuSign supports the following:

  1. OAuth can be accessed for more detailed information
  2. JWT can be accessed for more detailed information

To give the DocuSign Scope activity the ability to authenticate and to enable the other activities to successfully send requests to DocuSign API, complete the following steps:

  1. Create an integration key (Using OAuth or JWT)
  2. Build the project.

After establishing a connection, a parent DocuSign Scope activity can output a record of the connection in a DocuSign Connection object (DocuSign Connection) that can be used in subsequent child scope activities.

Find details of the most common fields used in most of the DocuSign activities:

  1. Account ID: This value can be retrieved as follows
  • This is the value of the API Account ID in the ‘Apps and Keys’ page. To navigate to this page, click on profile (On RHS of screen) -> My Apps and Keys.


  • Get accountId from the response object of OAuth:getUserInfo API call in the API Explorer of the DocuSign developer account.

  1. Envelope ID: This value is required for most Envelope activities that are working with an existing envelope such as ‘Get Envelope, ‘Get Document’, etc. This value can be retrieved in the following ways:
  • Envelope ID can be retrieved from the envelope itself in your DocuSign account. Detailed information can be found at Where to Find EnvelopeId
  • Using the API Explorer in your DocuSign developer account : Through API Explorer, it can be retrieved using Envelopes: listStatusChanges. Detailed information of listStatusChanges .
  • Using the activity ‘List Envelope Status Changes’ in workflow : There are several optional filters you can use with this activity as well to restrict the list of items that are returned. Detailed information List Envelope Status Changes .

Other fields such as Document ID can be retrieved in a similar manner.

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