Document Understanding trained data storage?

I would like to inquire about the storage of trained data when using Document Understanding (DU) in UiPath. As I am currently working on a project for a client, they may have security concerns about storing trained data on the UiPath server.

For instance, they might prefer to keep it secured within their own local server. Do any of you know how to store data on a local server when using Document Understanding (DU)

I greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions you may have on this matter.

Hi @Thang_Bui ,

Go to ‘Project_Folder.local\PositionData\f10ad’ you will find the train data used for document understanding .

Hi @Mohan_Reddy ,I appreciate your response. I just want to make sure that the trained data will not be sent to the UiPath server when using Document Understanding (DU).

Hi @Thang_Bui

It depends the Orchestrator/AI Center deployment model. If you are on the Cloud and using the retraining models the data will be storage in UiPath infrastruture and eventually you need to send the retraine data to improve model acurracy.

UiPath offers on-premise deployment option to keep the data on the company infrastruture (local, cloud etc)

About security concerns, UiPath has SOC 2 certification

UiPath Completes SOC 2® Type 2 Examination for Automation Cloud | UiPath

Hi @Thang_Bui ,

If you are using AI Center and training ML module then the train data will be stored as explained by the @rikulsilva .

If you are using Using Document Understanding Form extractor and training the Form Extractor then the data will be stored into local project folder.

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Thank you for your responses. I will check out the link you provided.