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To train the documents, I created my own custom ML model. I had a few of worries about security aspects.

  1. Can I remove my trained batch documents once I’ve trained my first set of batch documents in the data labeling place? If so, can I delete all of the documents at once?

  2. I can view the images, pdf available in data sets after exporting the trained documents? Is it possible for me to delete my training documents there?

because my client is worried about documents being stored in the cloud Any views on this?

The problem is that I don’t want any of my documents to be stored on the cloud? Is this something that can be done?

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@SrenivasanKanna We should not delete the documents from the trained data set since it is from where the model will be keep learning and improving the extraction. If the client don’t want the documents to be stored then you can propose IFR or FR extractor. May be this link would helpful

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