Document Understanding Process - New Studio Template

I am facing this error while running the attended robot
Is there a solution ?

@Amani_Boukadidaaa , Can you check the folder in the orchestrator where the asset resides? If it is different from the default folder you have to mention the folder name in the config file.

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does anyone explain to me why the Orchestrator version become a matter?

@irahmat I guess it is because the queue items are not abandoned after 24H . For the old orchestrator when we are creating a task with the action center and if the people from business takes more than 1 day to validate the same it will abandon the queue item.


My Queue Items still seem to get abandoned, even on Cloud Orchestrator (21.8). Is there a specific setting we need to enable?

@senne.symons did you triggered the bot manually? If it is a manual trigger then it will be abandoned. Try to create a trigger so that whenever there is a new queue item it will run DU process in a non-production robot. For me, this worked.

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I am quite lost here, let me explain what I have done for my part. I have custom Invoice ML Skill, So the data has been labelled in AI Centre, trained the model in Pipeline and published the ML Skill. So right now, what I am trying to do now is that, if the document has not exceed the confidence threshold, it will send to action center for validation. And after it has been validated, the document that stored in Storage Bucket in UiPath, I can use it as dataset to train to my existing custom ML Skill for retraining (in recurring, either weekly or monthly). So far I have not found solution to this and how I can relate to this new preview release of DU?

I am using OC v2020.4.1 and I found a lot of problems.

such as

  1. not support modern folder
  2. error when creating document classification action (it worked if I use v21.4)

I will update again


Hi all!

A few clarifications:
Indeed, the Orchestrator 20.10.8 or newer is for long-running support in the queues.

@Senne_Symons: As per the documentation:

Queue items processed by a long-running workflow do not get abandoned after 24 hours, if the job executing the queue item remains in a Suspended state.

Make sure that the job is unattended and has not finished executing.

@aqiff: The template’s sole purpose is p[recisely to facilitate deploying Document Understanding in the manner you described. We don’t have the training materials ready yet, but we can offer some advice if you describe what issues you are facing.

@irahmat: Classification Actions were introduced in 20.10 - so they won’t work for Orchestrator 20.4.1
Not sure what you mean with “not support modern folder” - modern folders are fully supported.


my OC Version is not supported but I will do an upgrade if I have an approval.

I have few questions:

  1. why this framework accept only one target file?
    if we have many files in the folder, so I need to add extra step to join the files to be one file as target file.

  2. how the classifier works ?
    i have an issue as example
    in target file I have 20 pages, 5 invoice, 5 PO, 10 others. I use InteligentOCR and only train Invoice. my expectation of output classifier is 5 array of Invoice but what I get only 1 array of invoice.

  3. how the action center works?
    I still confuse 1 action center able to handle many pages or single page. if many pages why the output after validate in action center only single row.

thank you

Hi @irahmat!

why this framework accept only one target file?
if we have many files in the folder, so I need to add extra step to join the files to be one file as target file.

No, that is not the correct approach; you need to create a dispatcher mechanism for the Document Understanding process. Please see chapter Starting Document Understanding Jobs in the User Guide on how to do this properly depending on your situation (with or without Orchestrator queues).

how the classifier works ?
how the action center works?

Please check out the Document Understanding and Action Center courses in the academy for a better understanding of the underlying mechanics.

Hi @Alexandru-Luca

thank you so much about your help. Now, it works as I want.

but I found something weird and need to confirm with you regarding my exps against Job state as following

  1. job state = suspended and in action center I did
    Unassinged → self assign → validate → submit then job state changes from suspended to resumed then successfull.

  2. job state = suspended and in action center I did
    unassigned → self assign → delete action center then job state changes from suspended to resumed then suspended.

as you can see from No. 2 the job state changes back to suspended after it been deleted.
my understanding is the state should be successful or faulted.

maybe you have an other thoughts, please let me knwo


Hey @irahmat!

You’re right about scenario #2 - that shouldn’t happen. It’s a bug that was raised and will be fixed in the Wait For * and Resume activities.

As regular Action Center users don’t have the right to delete actions and AC admins should also know better than to randomly delete actions, this fix is very low on the priorities list :slight_smile: Simply put: don’t delete uncompleted actions.

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use latest 21.6

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thank you for your suggestion

thank you for your information. we wait the latest LTS release.

How to get the User Info who did the validation?

I have a requirement to record a User info into database everytime user submit from action center.

Unfortunately the Document Understanding activities do not output this information at the moment. You’ll have to make an Orchestrator HTTP request in order to obtain this information - Exploring actions

I did however raise this request with our product team and they will include it on the roadmap.

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Hi Luca,

I have a question . Can we implement multi bot architecture using the above template