Document Understanding - no activities

Good afternoon!

When I add a Document Understanding in the action area there is only one activity “Machine Learning Extractor”

Earlier, when testing the package, a large list of activities was added.

Help please understand what the problem is !?

Studio 2020.4.1

Hi @9cfeb88668c8daa986c7

It would be helpful if you rephrase this question

please excuse me.

I will try to rephrase.

I am using studio 2020.4.1
I install the package Document Understanding
Only one new activity will appear in activities
Intellegence OCR - Extractors - Machine Learning Extractor

but I know that this package gives access to more activities.

please excuse me.

I took Document Understanding as a single package, but in fact these are two different packages: Document Understanding ML and Intellegence OCR

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