Document Understanding : How to know which extractor is used for each document

Dear Developers, i am using two types extractors in the workflow regex based extractor and Form Extractor. is there a way to know during processing of each type of documents which type extractpr is being used…

form extraction

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Chethan P

Hi @Yusuf_Rahmaniac

The extractors are used from left to right. If the first extractor met the accuracy level you set, the second one is not executed.

About to get the extractor used I found two things:

  1. Each field in the document is handled individually (you can have a documents with two field, 1 extracted using RegEx and the other one was extracted using Form Extractor)
  2. There is a property for the field called ResultDataSource that shows if the field was extracted using an extractor (Automatic), manually or ManuallyChanged.

You can explore the ExtractionResult class (this is the output Type from Data Extraction Scope activity) yo get more information here: