Document Understanding Framework Question

Hi I am using Document Understanding Framework to process documents in my client company. After validating extracted fields in several documents it gives me this kind of error shown below

Wait For Document Data Validation Action And Resume: Something went wrong uploading ClientCompany\ec7ed68c-3a87-4ef7-a5db-a33345050de5\ to bucket with id 9975”.

Can anybody tell us what this error message means? I just validated documents…


The issue seems to be related to permissions you have assigned in your Orchestrator for this user can you check the following permissions are enabled for the user.

Tenant>Manage Access>Roles>Edit:
Storage Files, Storage Buckets, Action Assignment, Action Catalogs & Actions

for more details please refer following thread.
Wait For Document Data Validation Action And Resume: You are not authorized! - Help / AI Center - UiPath Community Forum

Hi @keundong26 -
Check this : Wait for Document Validation Action and Resume has been suspended for too long

I checked all permissions, but it is still giving me the same error