Document understanding form extractor

For tables in form extractor

  1. must the table have a FIXED # of rows? E.g. if my template has 10 rows, can it extract a table with 11 rows?

  2. must all the rows have a FIXED height? I tried using form extractor on a table with different row height and it doesnt seem to be able to extract the rows. So is this possible without machine learning extractor?

Hi @jack.chan

Have a look on the video link and document


Hi @jack.chan

There should be no dependencies on the Size (the line items) and the Height of the rows , i would suggest to train the template (your file) which has large number of row items.


you can go with “Intelligent Form Extractor” or “ML Extractor”.

Hope this helps,


You can use the regex extractor, you you always specify the beginning and the end and extract table between this spaces


Hey Jack,

no it does not, you can have a number of rows and variable column widths and row heights. You can ensure this by adding anchors in your form template.