Do you know workaround for error ”Cannot get a numeric value from a error formula cell”

qustion.xlsx (33.0 KB)

This Read range activity returns
“message”: “Read column : Cannot get a numeric value from a error formula cell”!

Can you tell me the workaround?
the test.xlsx is RC Reference and Columns G are filled with Function
like vlookup…
”test.xls” is my clients excel,so I can’t change the excel file…

See these -

I am sure these will help you out

Hello @oitot

Instead of reading a column, read entire worksheet (Keep range property value blank).

you will get the formula field values as well in the resulting datatable.


I used read range in Excel applcation scope.It worked! thanks!

In workbook ”Read Range” whole cells didn’t work… thanks.

It works for workbook read range also.


i encountered the same problem.
one of my cell values had - #NA (this is the error value returned by excel lookups)
on removing #NA from the sheet, i was able to use WorkBook- read range.

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