Error while reading a range

While reading a range in excel it is displaying the error “cannot get a numeric value from a error cell”jbng

@mhk15,Refer this link

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Hello Mhk,

Are you trying to read a xls file that contain any formulas?

If so, try to add the Excel-> Read Range activity in a Excel Application Scope.

Also, please check your values in the excel.

The error is simply saying that you have a error cell. To see exactly which cell is blocking the reading in range, you can add a read cell activity, in a for each activity, and add a log with the cell index, to see where it’s stopping.

But while using whole range without specifying the range it is able to read and write while giving it a condition based on range there is problem with column 8 which doesn’t contain any formulae… how to resolve this issue?