Do a loop for each ui element

Hello guys! Tried to solve the problem on my own, but ran out of ideas.
Basically I’m trying to find almost the same activity as the “For Each Ui Element”. I work in a confidential app, so I cant show you the inside of it. But basically I’m writing a robot that loops some clicks. The app’s page that i’m working on is like an excel sheet. I need for the robot to identify how many rows there are, and then how many he sees, he loops a sequence that many times. Any ideas? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Use a for loop and use idx in the selector or the rowid to change the index number…

You can run the loop and then continue the loop till the idx would fail…to catch it use a try catch

Or more proactive approach would be to do element exists and then perform actions else end the loop


Second method would be to ude get children orfind children and then loop on each element that you get as output


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Thanks a lot! I’ll try and let you know :slight_smile:

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