Divide the range in excel

Hi Experts…

Let’s assume i have 2Lakh records in Excel (This is dynamic). Some times we may get 1Lakh50Thousand as well.

I need to divide the range. Assume 350 (This is also dynamic, I will decide the records manually. As of now lets consider 350 ) Rows and dump this in to new excel with headers…

Next time bot need to fetch the records from 351 to 700 and dump the data to one more excel file

I need to repeat this until there is no data in the excel…

How can Achieve this?

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Thanks in advance

Employee Salary Data.xlsx (6.2 MB)

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Hello @Unknown_User
Kindly check this XAML file, You may got some idea
Forum_ExcelSplitRange.zip (6.2 MB)


Hi! @Gokul_Jayakumar ,

Thank you so much for your efforts…

I hope this will work…

Once i have done… I’ll Update here …

Once again thanks a lot


Hi! @Gokul_Jayakumar

This is working like amazing…

But the thing is time…

For 50,000 Records it’s taking 30 mnts…

Do we have any other approach to make the time less process…?

This could be very helpful


I think it’s not possible with another method. Because Without Read excel, the process can’t run.
Read excel files takes too much time Because of more data, Other activities are expected.

Kindly update the conditions in flow decision

DtDymanic.Rows.count=0 or String.IsNullorEmpty(DtDymanic.Rows(0)(0).ToString)

Hai! @Gokul_Jayakumar ,

Could you please make a sequence by using For each row in data table activity and paste the xaml here…?

Thank you so much for your help…

I tried with for each row… the data i am extracting is correct. But the thing is bot is not stopping anywhere…


Forum_ExcelSplitRangeWrite.zip (139.5 KB)


Hello @Unknown_User
Kindly refer to this updated Flow
Refer FinalRange2.XAML file
Forum_ExcelSplitRangeWrite.zip (178.9 KB)

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Thanks a lot @Gokul_Jayakumar

If you have any other solution other than this. Please do let me know


Kindly refer to this thread, you may get some idea.

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