Display Name duplication - after using do-while loop multiple times

Hi Team,

I am getting display name duplication error when I use while/do-while loop more than once in my workflow.

Even though I rename the do-while activity block name, the error still comes.

Kindly fix this or do let me know the workaround.
I am using Studio 2023.4.1 Enterprise License

Below is the message:-

Error ST-NMG-004 Display Name Duplication
VisualBasicValue display name is defined many times. Current allowed threshold is 1. Code contains 2.

Hello @Atharva_Bhagat,

Can you check this option please?

If it’s ticked, make it “No” and try again please.


Hello @Atharva_Bhagat ,

Use Ctrl+F and check for the duplication in activity name.

And if its some bug and If you want to override this issue you can turn off the analyzer from settings or you can modify the threshold limit.(https://docs.uipath.com/studio/standalone/2023.4/user-guide/st-nmg-004)


Hi @omer.ozturk / @rohith.prabhu ,
Yes I am aware that I can turn this of. But the issue is why it gives name duplication error when there was NO duplication itself.

In the attached screenshot - there is NO duplication. Also there is NO option to rename the “Body” in the new studio version.

Do let me know your thoughts on this!

Hi @Atharva_Bhagat

Click on Log Message above plus(+) icon and rename it then solves the error


Dear @Atharva_Bhagat ,

As suggested in the error description “Body” as the display name is defined multiple times (more than one), change the body name in either do-while or in while, this error will be resolved.


“Body” cannot be renamed. That’s what I said in my previous comment. :frowning:

Click on + icon to change the body name, it is working for me

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@lrtetala - Thanks… But looks like there’s still some glitch here.
That solved one error.
The other one is still there.

Try to change below while loop as well

this is due to the use of direct boolean values in both your while and do while conditions.
use a variable for the condition and the error should go away.

Hi @Atharva_Bhagat , thanks for reporting this! It is indeed an issue and we have raised a ticket internally for it.

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Hi! When it would be solved? in Studio 23.10.x?

I am having the same issue with do while. It only happens when 2 do while’s are at the same .xaml file. Names are different, but it looks like analyzer is matching the condition part of the activitity or sth like that:

This issue is blocking possibility to use that rule as an error in global policy.

Hi @Yameso , the condition issue is fixed starting with the 23.12-preview Studio build.

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