Error in Studio 2024.10.0 - Display Name Duplication

There is a bug where every activity that is placed inside the “Catch” of a Try-Catch activity appears in the Error List as a Display Name Duplication warning. None of the activities below have display names duplicated. They all appear once, and they all appear in the Catch.

This is similar to how there is no way to clear the Display Name Duplication warning of “Body display name is defined many times. Current allowed threshold is 1. Code contains 2.” If you use 2 “For Each” activities in the same workflow, the “Body” section cannot be renamed, so you just have to live with this warning.


Is your version 24.4.0? If so, it’s reported in the following topic and UiPath guys will fix it.


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Hi, @Yoichi. I recently upgraded to 2024.10.0. Appears the issue has not been fixed yet. Thanks for the link above.

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It’s not an error, it’s a warning. And it doesn’t really matter. I just turn off that analzyer rule. I turned a bunch of them off, and only kept the ones we care about.

Thanks, @postwick. No one is saying that the message itself is an error. It’s an error/bug in Studio that the warning message is appearing in the Error List.

When your code is reviewed for Display Name Duplication warnings and more, it’s not great when your reviewer sees 40 warnings, 2/3 of which are erroneous. Then, they have to check whether they are legitimate warnings or due to this bug. If your COE governance policy decides which warnings are raised and which are ignored, then you can’t just turn it off.