Display Image in Apps


I’m trying to have Studio pass an ‘Object’ type variable to my Apps dashboard. I want Apps to load the image so the user can see the result. The user will input an invoice number, then the robot will go get the image from a network location, and pass it back to apps so the user can see it through the Apps url.

Is this possible? If so, what variable do I pass into the ‘url’ box. I have changed the variable type to ‘Object’ to correlate with the out_argument from studio. I’m doing a load image activity within studio to get the image into an object, and passing that to Apps.

Any help would be appreciated.


I solved the problem. I had to convert to Base64 first. I followed the process as outline in this tutorial –

One thing to note, the prefix string needs to have a comma at the end of the static text.

“data:image/png;base64,”+ out_base64_image



:clap: Nicely done! We’ll include this in the documentation so it’s easier for others to figure out in the future.

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