Disaster Recovery - Credential asset


I have automated a process on a web application. The web application login credentials are stored in orchestrator credential asset (against robot per value - as we have multiple BOTs each has different login credential for this web application). The credentials are required to be reset every 60 days once. I have written a dedicated process to reset the password - get current password from credential asset, login into application, reset password, set the new password back into credential asset.

Now the challenge is, we have disaster recovery active-standby machine switch concept. During disaster recovery, I have to connect by BOT to standby machine. In order to do this, I have to delete the existing BOT-Active Machine setup and add BOT-Standby Machine setup. I do not see an option to edit the machine name against the BOT. If I do this (delete and add), I will lose the value per robot present in the orchestrator credentials asset.

In order to overcome this, we have setup two sets BOT1-ActiveMachine and DRBOT1-StandbyMachine. Also, we have done the same in Orchestrator credentials asset - robot per value - BOT1, DRBOT1 - both will have same username and password.

Now, another challenge is, during automated password reset, I can do only for BOT1 in credential asset by running the automated reset process. Once this is done, password will be latest in BOT1 and DRBOT1 will have old password. I can not run the automated password reset again for DRBOT1, because the password would have changed now in web application.

BOT1 can not refresh DRBOT1. Do we have any option around this?