Moving from Kibana to insights has been complete catastrophe and feedback from our community is a nightmare

we cannot generate the same ROI dashboards we had in Kibana because insights does not index custom logs and as such it cannot read our previously generated data, than which leave us with inputting fixed values for time and money saved directly in the insights and dashboards can never match

why, you ask again?
well simple scenario:
Robot reads an email and depending on the type of email, sometimes robot needs to send one, but other time two or four follow-up emails
Kibana solution
add log fields and multiple by number of emails sent

Insights solution
fixed value for time and money saved which results in incorrect value in dashboards
Time and money saved are variables and not fixed value

this seems like a hobby product oriented on simplicity rather than quality and as such this product needs a major overhaul !

sorry for the harsh words, but after switching from kibana it’s bad bad bad

hey @mike_r, thanks for your candid feedback. Have you tried leveraging the custom logs feature in Insights to do the same thing? Keep in mind that kibana indexing doesn’t really have much to do with the custom logs being available, the index is by tenant (same breakdown that we have in Insights). You do have the option to leverage the values from your custom log fields in Insights, and we’re working hard to make that feature better in the upcoming release.

Hey Mike,
I am trying to build an ROI dashboard in Kibana. Could you please share how did you develop it?