Disabling/re-enabling triggers during application maintenance window


Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere (I couldn’t find an answer)

We are a new company to RPA, and we have an application which is going down for maintenance at, lets say, 11/02/2022 22:00, And the maintenance is going to be finished by 11/02/2022 23:00

During this time, we can’t have any processes run, so I have configured all the triggers to disable 20 minutes prior to the maintenance window (They run in 15 minute intervals). However, I can’t find a way to automatically re-enable them at 23:00. We need to be sure the triggers are re-enabled ASAP, especially as its a weekend so nobody is keen on logging on to check this.

Is there a way to schedule such enabling of triggers? We have the cloud version of orchestrator if that makes a difference to anything.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Aidan6!! But of course there is a way! With programming there is always a way! Well, in this case I don’t know of any ready-made solution, but I’ve already developed a similar one once. You can create your own automation for this, eg. Through the API you can extract the ID of all your active Triggers, later you can change the Status of a Trigger by API. You just go through the extracted IDs and Enable/Disable them.

Hope this helps!

Thank you! Problem solved!

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