Disable Break on Exceptions (version 2019.9.2)

I want to Disable Break on Exceptions, I don’t find where is this option.

Help me, please :slight_smile:

Just use try catch for every activity so that it will try to execute and if the activity fails, it will move on to next

And what I have to choose as catches to continue the process without stop?

Just leave it blank selecting the system.exception in the drop down or use write line to know which activity failed in the process.

Check this for more about try catch

Isnt there a property (on most activities?) that enable you to ContinueOnError=True?

Not sure if that property is available for all the activities, may be for those activities which we get while screen recording and some other have that option . May be that can also do the trick, but if that property is not available, then we need to go for try catch. So, in general scenario, I suggested that @bcorrea

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