Can we assign same asset to multiple bots

I am bit confuse, Can we assign same asset to multiple bots.?
If yes how can we do that

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Yes we can. At time of creating asset select Single value option.

Hi @kalv

Usually ASSETS has many purposes like storing variables, credentials that can be used in our studio by using get assets activity by mentioning the asset name with which we created in orchestrator
Fine…and one of the main purpose other than this, the asset stored in the orchestrator can be used in ALL THE ROBOTS in that orchestrator if we want, same by just mentioning that asset name in the studio and that studio can be in any machine, any robot might execute the process made in that studio, but make sure those machines and robots are tagged in the orchestrator where the assets are created…
So how to make a asset accessible in all the machines - robots, we need to go assets tab in orchestrator where we can create a asset with a name like this

Then we got another option like we can different asset value to different robots with this option VALUE PER ROBOT, which means we can assign asset value differently with different robot, rather making use of same asset name in all robots,
like this and if we want we can add as much robots we want with that + symbol

Thats all buddy
hope this would help you
Cheers @kalv

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