Different between 'Throw', 'Rethrow' and 'Log message'

I know I might be creating a duplicate thread, apologies for that but I tried to go through all the posts related to ‘Throw’ and ‘Rethrow’ but I am still not clear on these two.

  1. I am using REF, so If I use Throw activity with a customized message will it pop up as a message box or simply stop the process or go to next transaction depending whether it is system or business exception?

  2. I used throw in with a customized message but was unable to find that message in the Logs .

  3. Will there be any difference if I use Throw inside Catch block in REF?

  4. What exactly will Rethrow do and when to use it? Answers say that it i will process the activities first then throw the exception, what does this exactly mean?/

  5. I used Log message while beginning and ending of every workflow but I am unable to see the messages in the Log file - it is unattended BOT without orchestrator.

  6. In REF, is it ideal to use any other Try Catch block apart from the ones in the Framework?I simply wanted to use Throw and was expecting that REF will behave accordingly depending on whether I am throwing a system or Business Exception.

Any suggestion would be very helpful.


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Hi @Faraz_Subhani

you can use this link for your reference.

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