Difference between Throw, Rethrow and Try catch Block

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Can any one tell the difference between

Throw, Rethrow and Try catch Block

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Hope the following helps you.

Throw : we can intentionally raise any exception at any place using this activity.

Rethrow: we can intentionally raise an exception which is caught by try-catch activity. It’s used in the catch block.


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Try - holds the activity that could throw exception.

Catch - Specifies the exception type and, optionally, holds an activity that informs the user about the found exception.

Throw - You use the Throw when you want to send to a particular exception. It can be used any where in our process.

Rethrow - Throws a previously thrown exception from within a TryCatch activity. The error is rethrown retaining the original source of the exception. Rethrow can only be used within a Catch block of a TryCatch activity.

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Thanks a lot Laskhman for ur reply.
Appreciate for ur clear answer.

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