Differences between the type of processes in UiPath

Hello All,

I just want to know the difference between simple process, agent process improvement and transactional business process in uipath.

Can anyone make the difference between these three? Share your explanations to be more helpful.

Thanks in advance.!

Hello there,
Let me put it in simple words.

Hope above guide you to understand the difference between them. :slight_smile:
However you can see these difference
Different FlowChart/Sequence
Difference sequence /flowchart/ state machines

A flowchart is a graphical representation of a process in which each step is represented by different symbols connected with arrows.
Flowchart is one of the best among the three layout diagrams of UiPath workflow because it is flexible and tend to lay out a workflow in two-dimensional manner. They can showcase decision points within a process very efficiently owing to their visual appeal.

State Machine
State machine is a complex structure that stores the status of something at a given point of time. It can be finite or infinite in nature. State machine are represented by using state diagrams or in other words they are flowcharts with conditional arrows called transitions. Structures like state machines are best suited for a standard high-level process diagram of transactional business process templates.