Difference "Read PDF Text" and "Read PDF With OCR"


I’m quite new in RPA and couldn’t find an answer on this one.
I was wondering what’s the difference between “Read PDF Text” activity and “Read PDF With OCR” activity.

As the name suggest one is using OCR technology, the other not.
But in the end both activitys return a String.

So how do you decide which one of the two you use?
Are there any best practices?

Thanks in advance!

@MTS “Read PDF Text” is best way to read pdf if contains only text and if pdf contains images if u want to read image also then u might want to go with “Read PDF with OCR”.


So correct me if I’m wrong but there is no benefit for using “Read PDF With OCR” if your PDF is just plain text?


@MTS yes for plain text go with “Read PDF Text” activity, “Read PDF with OCR” activity is slow compared to “Read PDF activity”

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@Manjuts90: Thanks for the quick explanation of the “Read PDF xxx” activity!

Topic closed!

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