PDF Data Extraction Using OCR

In case of PDF Data extraction. What is the difference in using Read PDF Text with OCR and OCR in Screen Scraping?

Read PDF Text is only for PDF documents which we can not use for normal scraping the text from images.
You have to pass input PDF for Read PDF Text.

On the other hand you can use OCR in screen scraping for all type of images.
You have to give selector from where you want to scrape the text from an Image.

Karthik Byggari

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Hi , Read pdf with OCR is an activity, which let you read the data from the Image PDF
To read the data/text from the image need OCR engines ,
So in read PDF with OCR activity uses OCR engines to read the data from the PDF s where you need to give PDF file path as input which you want to read

Where as screnscrapping is data extraction method where you want to scrape/extract large blocks of data from any web page / environment where the background is in image format

Let me know if you have further queries
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