Difference between Merge and Append

What is the difference between Merge data table and append range?


Merge data table is to merge data tables which has similar number of columns. This works only with data tables.

Append Range is for Excel files. Works with Excel Application Scope. The data table which is passed to the Append Range will append the data table to the Excel File in the available empty row.

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Let’s go one by one
—Merge datatable activity is like we pass two datatable as input, While in Append range we pass only one datatable as input

—the merge datatable is used to merge TWO DIFFERENT DATATABLE while append range is used is attach the passed datatable to the excel records from the last row of the excel

—we got some additional options in merge datatable like MissingSchemaAction that Specifies the action to take when merging the two DataTables while in APPEND RANGE activity
We don’t have any options such only passing the workbook path, sheet name and datatable

—Merge datatable activity doesn’t involve any excel configuration so directly can be used any where but APPEND RANGE involves excel as we pass the filepath and sheetname, it should be within a excel application scope and If the sheet does not exist, a new one is created with the name indicated in the SheetName field.

The above one where the differences while they do have some common features like
—both of them expect these stuffs
—two Datatable must have same number of columns, same Order of columns, same column names
—but for MERGE DATATABLE alone an additional one the all column must match with their datatype as well

Simple isn’t it
Hope this would help you
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