Difference between a Legacy Process and Process in Orchestrator Packages


Hopefully it’s a simple one, but what’s the difference between Legacy Process and a Process. I’m looking for a way to distinguish which packages we have published and not in use and which ones are still active. I can’t find any defintion in the documentation. Does anyone know or have a method of cleaning up old processes in Orchestrator?


Hi @MichaelT,

If you have access to orchestrator database, You would be able to fetch these details by connecting to orchestrator database and querying tables.



  1. Well to be very simple, if you have the process name with you and also view access for orchestrator then go to Default or any folder where you have published the packages and in that folder look for AUTOMATIONS tab and under that JOBS tab

  2. Make sure ALL in chosen interval filter

  3. Search for the process with the name you have and see when it was executed last
    With which you can find the legacy and the recent one

  4. If you don’t have the access for orchestrator and has database access then try their as suggested by @sonaliaggarwal47

  5. Or you can try with orchestrator api as well

Hope this would help you

Cheers @MichaelT

Great, thanks for your help

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