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What is the difference between close all applications.xaml and kill all process.xaml in reframework?

I wanna know the difference in their actions.both are used for closing the applications right?

@Kiran_Kumar According to their names CloseAllApplications.xaml workflow is used for Proper closing of the Applications, for example performing the process of Logout or using Close Application at the End of the Process.

Where as KillAllProcess.xaml workflow is to be used to make sure that the Application is closed for sure, that is Killing Processes from the Task Manager kind of sure.

So the Closing Applications is a Normal Process that we would be performing for the smooth execution. And in such a Smooth execution if we encounter an Error, we could use the KillAllProcess for Killing the processes that were being used for the process.

But However these are just names of the workflow, and it depends on what you would design in these workflows for it to be executed in the needed way.

Hi @Kiran_Kumar ,

  1. Framework\KillAllProcesses.xaml
    After the initialization of settings, the framework can perform actions to make sure that the system is in a clean state before the main process starts. This can be done by using the Kill Process activity, which forces the termination of a Windows process representing an application used in the business process. Note that killing processes might have undesirable outcomes, such as losing unsaved changes to files. The KillAllProcesses.xaml workflow, located in the Framework folder, can be used to implement such cleanup steps.
    Also, despite the name of this workflow, it is not mandatory to always kill all the processes used, and other steps might be more appropriate to return the system to a clean state. Ultimately, such steps depend on the requirements of the business process.

  2. Framework\CloseAllApplications.xaml
    This workflow, located in the Framework folder, does the necessary procedures for ending the process and close the used applications. Similar to OpenAllApplications.xaml, activities can be placed directly in this workflow or, preferably, subworkflows can be invoked to perform more complex steps, such as logging out of a system.
    REFramework Documentation-EN.pdf (1.1 MB)
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