Dictionary issue

Hi team

I am working with collection ,
I have a generic collection of type string string

I just check the key is contained in collection or not

I am able to retrieve the key, but is collection.keys.contain not working

Please suggest what i m doing wrong here

Hello @JSR_Techno_Talk_s
It seems that the keys in dictionary starts and ends with double quotes.
try checking key exit like below

Also as per this screenshot of yours

you can see the back slash before appcode, it there to escape that double quote

You are right , Any idea How to over come from this

I am reading a text file and adding to dictionary

it looks like JSON file to me.
In more appropriate way to try to de-serialize it.
and simpler way would to keep your logic as is and the remove the double quotes after reading the text file.

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Thanks Buddy ,

For Quick answer and ur suggestion


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