DevExpress controls

My collegue was testing basic, desktop recording, and uiexplorer on his current work solutions that utilize DevExpress controls and UiPath couldn’t “see” any of it. I’ve just tested UiPath against devexpress winforms demo and got similar result switching also explorer between modes of default, active accesibility and uiautomation and nothing worked actually. Is there/will there be only OCR option suitable for that?

I found the same issue and have a winform application that was written inDevExpress that I am being tasked with automating. Were you able to find a solution to this issue?

I haven’t investigated that since then, because this wasn’t an actual implementation but just interesting issue. If the newest versions of UiPath can’t handle it just use OCR activities. It should enable you to complete the task.

Hey I was able to get selectors on the Demo apps
Touch enabled Hybrid Apps
and data grid and editors

I have tried with the latest release 2019.10

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try to change UI Freamwork:UIA(F4) when indicate UiElement