Development Efforts calculation


I have a RPA question?? can someone from group help me out here in calculating the development efforts in approx. and whether this process fits into RPA or not?

Actually, there is a process with 11 accounts and all account having the different processing steps. Total no. of steps in the process end-to-end has 500+ and automation part has 400 steps approx. Also, we have to interact with 4 applications- IE, Java,Excel,Outlook. Including grid controls where we have to edit the information. And 60%-85% are analytical part in the process where we need to review the data.


I assume that you haven’t gotten an answer from anyone because you didn’t provide sufficient information. There are too many variables to consider that will allow anyone to provide an effort estimate based on a high level description. You should get someone to create a PDD and then a dev on your project can better answer your question