License for troubleshooting purpose can run in orchestrator?


In the bottom of my Studio, there is a line of sentences.

Based on the terms and conditions this license should only be used for troubleshooting purposes

With this condition, that means I cannot run in unattended mode from orchestrator??


HI @poppadom

Check out this thread


Hello @poppadom

Please check the below.


Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

I am a confuse about it.

So it means that if I should not using the Studio to develop a new workflow?

And if I really develop the workflow and publish it, what will happened?

Hi @poppadom,

Technically speaking it’s just a warning and can be ignored, it will not impact anything you do with the Studio. However, legally speaking what the terms & conditions expects you to do is this :
a. Assign a Automation Developer License for the User ID using the Studio
b. Assign a Unattended Robot License to the User ID on which the Unattended Robot runs & note that this should be on a separate machine all together

Hope that helps !