Detect open firefox tabs with find children?

Hi there!
I ask you for help, because I can’t figure out how to detect all open firefox tabs. I searched in many topics but I don’t get a solution how to get the names or titles of the open tabs or even the number.

In our company we have ‘starting page’ in firefox (and must be firefox, no other browser) from which we open other tabs to work in. I want my robot to close all tabs after his work but not the starting page.

I’ve tried the solution in this post: How to get Web Browser's Tab details? but that only gets me the details of tabs in Internet Explorer.

Does anybody know how to set the filter in find children activity for firefox? Or has another way to get details of the firefox tabs?
If I don’t get details, I need a way to get the number of tabs, so I can navigate with Control+1, Control+2 etc. and close the tabs. I tried this way, but I can’t detect, if the starting page is on 1 tab or on 2 tabs (yes, that’s possible).

Thank you for your help!

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Even I though of telling FIND CHILDREN

But may I know what data you would like to filter and get from find children

By chance do we know what like how many tab la does the process we are going to automate actually opens
So if we know that (well we should have) then we can easily navigate as you say with keys in SEND HOT KEY ACTIVITY either like
In Google Chrome - CTRL + SHIFT + TAB will send you to the next tab.
In IE - CTRL + TAB will send you to the next tab.

Cheers @mm1904

Hi Palaniyappan,

I just want to get the title or the url of the tabs. So I can close all tabs, which are not the starting page (called ‘Anwendungsstarter’). I want to create a ‘cleaning tool’ to check if there a any browser tabs or other apps opened on the machine to close them. It is espacially for errors, normally I close all tabs / apps at the end of my processes.

As it is a error cleaning routine I don’t know how many tabs are opened in the processes before.

Thank you

Hi all,
I solved my problem without ‘find children’, I use ‘get text’ instead on the tabs: you can select all in one selector and then I use ‘regex’ to sepearate all tab-titles from the string.
So I know how many and which tabs are open and I can close that ones I don’t want any more.


Upps, I forgot to upload my solution if anyone needs it: browser tabs.xaml (9.2 KB)


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