Detect a substring with RegEx

Hello, everyone,

is there a possibility to recognize a text from a string with regEx and save it into another variable?

The activity IsMatch unfortunately only returns a Boolean value.

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You can use this activity:


The output variable is of type IEnumerable. The following is output with Variable.ToString

System.Linq.Enumerable+d__97`1 [System.Text.RegularExpressions.Match]

It does not work with a loop either. How do you do it right?

It works with loop, but the loop variable type should be Match, and to get the matched value, use loopVaraible.Value



After matching the expression use this in left side of assign activity and store in a string variable
“iEnumerable.Cast(Of Object).First.ToString”

Let us know if this helps.
pavan H

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Would you please describe it better?

The left side of the assign activity is for the variable in which the value is stored…

So when you use a matches activity, you will get results in IEnumerable format, so inorder to use it as a string you use the above code in assign activity left side and assign it to a string variable which will be in the right side of assign activity(user defined string)

let me know if you can go through this.
Pavan H

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