Desterilized JSON

Hello experts,
I have an Http request that export theses Json info as shown in the below picture, the question is, how can i make the robot to read it one by one ,for example, it will read the first values
“id”: 2,
“fullname”: “John Adirson”,
“client_nid”: “01110103596”,
“client_phone”: “771238005”,
“client_result”: “YES”,
“client_reason”: “Valid”,
“similarity_percentage”: “0.99279”
then goes to the second values
“id”: 3,
“fullname”: “Edilsom David john”,
“client_nid”: “01010705600”,
“client_phone”: “772008005”,
“client_result”: “0”,
“client_reason”: “There is no File provided”,
“similarity_percentage”: “null”
and move on
Thanks in advance

Hi @Hisham_Alshareef,

I am sharing the link of a similar question. I hope that will be useful.


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I solved it. I got the result from HTTP Request to Deserialize JSON Array and then put for each and then put the result of JSON Array ,and then use Deserialize JSON inside for each and then if you want to extract specific value get the out value of the Deserialize JSON as outjson you can use assign value like fullname = outjson(“fullname”).ToString.

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