Deploying robots that I’ve created on other PCs

I want to deploy my workflow process in another machine without installing the UiPath Studio in that machine . What are all the possible ways to do that?

You can checkout the xaml from SVN or just copy it and upload to work directory in new envrionment,

Hi buddy @PrabhuViswa
Well to deploy the process though we don’t need studio we still need robot to execute that process in that machine
Or we need to connect to that machine with Remote Desktop connection from your local system and try to execute the process
Cheers @PrabhuViswa

How to install robot alone in that machine and how we connect to that robot .Can you explain step by step process.

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And to install robot we need to have license buddy
Do we have any such
Cheers @PrabhuViswa

I am using community edition brother …Is there any license present there?? I am not aware of that process.