Deleting an entire row in an excel sheet based on a cell value of column

Hi i am trying to delete the entire row in the excel sheet is the cell in a particular column is empty ,.

So like in the above screenshot i am looking in column Q and if any cell is empty it will delete the entire row from the sheet

so far i have
tried taking each excel row and putting the condition for empty but it is not working

@Mukherjee_Manish ,


There is option “Empty Row behavior” in the For each excel row acitivity in studiox.
In your case we have to select the dropdown as process to not to ignore the empty cells. if you enable that option your work flow will work as expected. Thanks.

Hi i have enable that process and now the all the rows are getting deleted one by one

What i want is to delete the entire rows which are blanks in column Q. If there is value in column Q then that respective row for the entire sheet to be kept

Now everything is perfect except at position field in the delete row activity. In your case we have to enter current index in the at position to delete that row alone which is having blank in the Q column.

In Delete Rows Activity write “CurrentRow” or [CurrentRow] in “At position” property.


Hi I have given current row but giving the below error message

Hi buddy,

There is dynamic variable currentindex a ailable you have to insert in the at row position since it only allow integer values eg: 0 or 1 or 3-5 etc.

Check this post Delete Row

Alternatively, try using the Delete Range activity instead, by inputting “CurrentRow.ToString” in Range property.

Hi @Mukherjee_Manish ,

Delete rows activity in the for each row loop is behaving little odd.

we have to use filter and delete rows activities to remove the blank rows by checking on the Meeting Date column.

i have created sample work flow for your Question. please find the attached code and try the same steps in your process and let me know if it works. thanks. (60.8 KB)