Error encountered on deleting entire row in an excel sheet

I wanted to delete a row based on a condition of a column cell value if empty. This activity is running on a For Each Excel Row and If-else condition. I used the Delete Rows activity and got this error.

I have tried the solution here and still fails

When I tried using the filter method

Any thoughts?



May I know how did you enter your input for delete rows activity. If you provide screenshot that would be better for troubleshooting the issue. Thanks.

This is when I tried to delete a current row using If-Else and

And this one is using the filter method, as an alternative


In studiox delete rows activity you cannot use directly currentrow it will not accept. Intead you can have currentindex so that it will delete the current row. Please try and let me know. Thanks.

Thank you Mahanthi!

CurrentIndex did the trick. It is currently deleting the row.

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Your most welcome. Could you pls mark my response as solution so that it would help others who are facing the same issue. Thanks.